ADF war provides an opportunity for UPDF to test its mighty and preparedness.

Following the recent numerous terror attacks in Kampala and surrounding areas that have claimed scores of Ugandans and injured many, Uganda Government in collaboration with Democratic Republic of Congo, has launched an operation that is aimed at eliminating the militias of Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) that is suspected to be behind these bombings and abduction of people along Uganda-Congo boarder.

Uganda has for the last many years been fighting with ADF militants in areas of Kasese, Kabarole and Ntoroko though the engagement has been not been so intense except for 8th June 1998 when these militias attacked Kichwamba Technical School, killed over 80 people and abducted more than 50 other students who were forcefully recruited in the force.

Allied Democratic Force (ADF) was formed in 1989 under the leadership of Jamil Mukulu, with its main base in the forests of Eastern Congo where they have been recruiting and launching attacks from.

To many of us, we clearly know that this is a joint operation between Uganda Defence forces (UPDF) and Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) and its main aim is to create peace and eliminate security threats to the bilateral relations between the two countries.

For me, I don’t think this was an overnight decision but a clear signal of the good working relations between the two states and it gives more hope to the citizens of the two countries and East Africa at large since DRC is at the doorsteps of the East African Community.

The East African Community this time has showed high levels of unity in fighting terrorism creating nightmares to all terror groups in the region. If we recall very well, the ADF leader Jamil Mukulu was arrested in Tanzania and handed over to Ugandan authorities for trials and now DRC opening up for Uganda to hunt for this terror group is something to celebrate about as it strengthens the relations between these neighbouring countries and promotes the spirit of East Africanism.

Uganda peoples Defence Forces, (UPDF) has for the last 15 years not engaged in a serious war after defeating Lords Resistance Army of Joseph Kony and yet recruitment and training of these soldiers has been going on plus procurement of sophisticated armoury. All this has been going on in preparation of any threat to the sovereignty of this great country and ADF provides a ripe opportunity for our forces to test their mighty and preparedness to defend its people.

For those who have been to some sort of training that engages both your mind and body clearly understand what a military recruitment and training is about and for some of us who have had a chance of training in chaka mu chaka have a picture of what it means to be trained to kill an enemy but the enemy is not available. Our forces have been prepared to engage the enemy who just presented himself a few days back after the launch of Operation Shujja by the forces of the two Governments and it’s an opportunity for our soldiers to showcase their strength in fighting the rebels.

Just like Seneca Lucy’s said “Brave men rejoice in adversity just as brave soldiers triumph in war, as we civilians work for salaries, forces work for accolades and medals, which are given as per the fights involved in and wins registered under your name. ADF has all the War five options to choose from, either to fight if they can, defend if it’s possible, flee which I think it’s what is on ground now, surrender which is inevitable or die!

As UPDF tests its might, Ugandans our role is to give them all the support they need to eliminate the enemy and create a threat-free environment for our agricultural and trade activities to go on untampered with. A peaceful country creates an environment for its citizens to innovate, and create wealth for themselves and UPDF has for all the time performed its role to the maximum and we believe they will even this time make us proud. 

Aluta Continua

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Written by Rukundo Paul Rwabihurwa

University Lecturer

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