• The Problem with African Academics

    The problem with African academics is that they do not have any innovative and creative grit in them. African academics, it is very unlikely to find the next Mark Zuckerberg in them. Most of them are so obsessed with piling one academic qualification over another willy-nilly. Spending a great bunch of their lifetime in lecture [...]
  • Why was HIV/AIDS created, and what's coming next?

    Diseases, what do I know about those? As much as the next person, I guess. I am intimately familiar with the ones I have been down with, those people close to me have fallen a victim to, and the ones that make the news or I read about for one reason or another. I don’t [...]
  • A Case For – nay, Against – Numbers

    My friend Rugambwa Ivan Ninsiima has written a piece today over the recent duel between Bobi Wine and Andrew Mwenda. In it he suggests, "people are not machines conditioned to statistics and figures" and goes ahead in many words to say but one thing: people are bound to trust their gut feeling anyway, to hell with the [...]
  • Smirnoff presents Migos in South Africa

    In South Africa, one of the greatest things about music is that it brings people together regardless of race, gender, sexuality and demographics. Through the power of music, good drinks and good times, Smirnoff will move the next generation of South Africans to be more inclusive #EveryonesInvited. When they came out with their good-time anthem, Versace, [...]
  • Jumia Travel Uganda Partners With International Airtime Top Up

    Kampala, 17th October 2017: In mid-October 2017, Jumia Travel customers to and from East Africa will have the option for convenient international top up service using International Airtime Top Up™ Card/PIN number via (www.intlairtimetopup.com) website and with any mobile phone in the world. International Airtime Top Up™ service allows Jumia Travel business and leisure travelers [...]
  • African Movie Night Kampala to stop holding screenings at the National Theatre

    African Movie Night Kampala will NOT hold screenings at the National Theatre anymore. This follows a deliberate effort by UNCC support staff to undermine our screenings everytime we hold them there. A recent incident saw the person in charge of sound hide an audio cable that was vital to our Independence Day screening of "Punishment [...]
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    Mr President, you are right on Bobi Wine

    Your Excellency, once again I thank you for the humility and democratic spirit that allows you to respond to people like Bobi Wine (Robert Kyagulanyi) that you would ignore without losing anything. I hope he does not misconstrue your gesture to think that he is close to being a threat to you. You see, as [...]
  • Dear Sipi

    The joyful chorus of barefoot and smiling children that accompanied me as I explored your copper coloured roads, still rings clear in my ears. Flashbacks of chasing waterfalls that cascade into lush valleys, Unfolding boundlessly beyond. My wanderlust eyes carefully trace your face, A striking outline of rock in contrast with the horizon, Layers of [...]
  • How to gracefully fall off a boda boda.

    You know how it is on those boda boda commutes…every once in a while, you end up sharing the journey with someone who seems to be going in the same direction as you, till they make a different turn and you are not. Sometimes it'll be someone you know so you wave at them and, [...]
  • I have found the perfect salon!

    The other day I went looking for a salon in Bukoto. The first one I walked into was charging 8k. I walked out in protest. Next one asked for 7k but accepted 5k when I attempted to walk out. The barber sat me down into a comfy chair and started cutting my hair. The guy [...]
  • Rural Electrification Agency should embark on engaging the public towards productive energy use.

    Rural electrification agency (REA) a semi- self-governing entity that was established by an act of parliament. It was established to operationalize government rural electrification task.  REA’s responsibilities and mandate are enshrined and defined in the 1999 electricity act. Established as a statutory instrument in 2001, rural electrification agency commenced its operations in 2003. REA has [...]
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