Love from the heart

The heart is the center of all love for humanity,what ever the heart receives the mind perceives it, if there is no love in the heart chances are that the relationship will be turbulent from the start till death ,we get to the story of Jesus with his twelve disciples, the person who betrayed him was his most trusted and loved person Judas Escariot a penny of 30 ,Peter who promised to die with Jesus no matter  what came their way,did not live to what he professed in heart as to love Jesus .love is the greatest gift that God gave to humanity without it man kind can not Co exist completely.when God chose to redeem man kind he choose his only beloved son Jesus that he sent as a sacrifice, unconditional,not jealous,love is kind and compassionate ,love is beyond materialism and above the tool to longevity of life or premature death to man kind so the heart is the central wisdom of every feeling and if you want to make love easier fellow what yr heart says because it might be on yr left but always right hence the heart is not a basket for keeping sadness instead it’s a golden box for keeping happiness.


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Written by Lady Juicy

Nabuzale Babra aka Lady Juicy who preaches the gospel of love.

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