Kingdom Kampala & Halloween Spookfest Fest Gallery


On Friday 1st November 2018, there was a Castle Lite sponsored Halloween Party at the ‘new’ Kingdom Kampala Mall. I know these events because I have been a long-time supporter of The Social, which is responsible for litest Afrohouse and EDM parties in Kampala, and I was very happy to see them scale such heights from humble beginnings. My attendance of the party of itself was uncertain but I decided to pass by and check out the mall for the first time ever and also see what the preparations for the party were going to be like. I ended up taking some shots on my Tecno and I now present them to you for your viewing pleasure. 

I take very many pictures and instead of keeping them on my phone, I will be sharing them here using Muwado’s neat gallery feature to show off this passion of mine. Enjoy.  


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