#MuwadoLoveLetter Winners, #SmartValentine Launch

Happy Valentines Day

We held  a love note writing competition, and after a month of submissions, we are glad to declare our winners today. We had 36 submissions Winners were determined by how viral their submissions went. Points were calculated by adding up every FB like, tweet, +1, LinkedIn share, Pin, Stumble and comment that they amassed. All these counted for 1 point each. The screenshots you’ll see were taken shortly after the competition closed on 13th February 2015 at 12 noon.

But before we announce the winners, we have a few PSA’s to make.

  • In the competition announcement, we promised all the top 10 submitters dinners with their loved ones on Valentines day. Unfortunately, that will not be happening. Our partner for that pulled out towards the close, due to unforeseen circumstances, so we’ve had to look for an alternative reward for the top 10. This will be announced on Monday 16th of February. We still wish you a memorable Valentines day, and since this has been dubbed the month of love, we hope what we decide to give you on Monday will still make the month memorable for you and your loved one.
  • The top 3 who have won cash prizes will be given this money by the 28th of February 2014. We hope they are not camera shy because some photographs will be taken for archiving purposes.
  • Smart telecom gave us 3 Kyali Smart Phones to also give out as part of this competition. The Kyali phone is Dual-sim phone that comes with UGX 6,500 free airtime monthly for 6 months, Facebook and Whatsapp pre-installed and 7 days of battery life. To win one of these gadgets, all you have to do is share some of your favourite lines from any of the love letters on twitter or Facebook. Add the #SmartValentine hashtag and tag Smart Telecom on either Facebook or Twitter. #SmartValentine is here to show people that with Smart, love is not just for a day, we celebrate love that is why we are making it a season not just one day.


So, without further ado, here are the winners of the MuwadoLoveLetter Valentines Writing Competition….top-cat-drum-roll-o

10. Hanniel Murungi – 109 Points010 - 109

9. Nandutu Eva – 109 Points009 - 109

8. Rip Van Winkle – 156 Points008 -156

7. Rich Wagaba – 211 Points007 - 207

6. Wonny Arthur – 233 Points006 - 233

5. Mychael Howard Ampumuza – 369 Points

005 - 366

4. Roxanna Aliba – 479 Points004 - 444

3. Kidron KlaFella – 764003 - 763

2. Carolyne Esctatic – 1385 Points

002 - 1377

1. Dennis Asiimwe – 1989 Points

001 - 1972

It is interesting to note that Dennis Asiimwe entered the competition with a week to spare. All those views and shares you see were amassed within a week!! Hat off you Deniss, you are, without doubt, the ‘Smoothest Individual of 2015

To all those that submitted, we cannot thank you enough for being a part of this. Thank you to those that read and shared these love letters, and welcome to all the new members that joined Muwado. We hope you enjoy the time you spend here.

Well done!
Well done!

All the winners should send an inbox to us here so we can easily reach them when the various gifts are ready.

Once again, have a memorable Valentines day.


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Written by Muwado

Muwado is an ambitious African social networking website on a mission to give a voice to and financially empower storytellers from especially developing nations.


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  1. that pain, call it tear drop when ssenyonga Godfrey you are the 11th and the ranking stops at the 10th person, ooooohph, sincerely you people should look at this person, the points he scored and in which time.,

  2. I have failed to work the inbox option for details…so Mychael Howard Ampumuza was 5th place in your competition but his internet is refusing to work. He has asked me to pass on his details on his behalf. Contact 0703571908. Thanks for the competition I enjoyed reading the entries.

    • Sarah, looks like you succeeded in sending us an inbox message with the details. We shall get in touch with Mychael with details on how to collect his winnings.

    • Hello #ConcernedCitizen, apologies for our poor communication skills, but we are still ironing out a few details before making the announcement. All the winners will be contacted using the contact details they submitted once we are all set.

    • Thank you for participating, Dennis, and congratulations on coming out as the overall winner. Contact details were supposed to be inboxed, but this will have to do. We shall get in touch with you with details on how to collect your winnings.

  3. Thank you so much for such a wonderful competition. Nandutu Eva is my name and i was one of the winners of the competition, the message said winners email back and that is what am doing right now hope its the right channel. once again am privileged

    contacts:+256 783 272 238, [email protected].

    • Thank you for participating, Nandutu Eva, and congratulations on making it to the winners list. Contact details were supposed to be inboxed, but this will have to do. We shall get in touch with you when everything is ready.

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