#MuwadoLoveLetter #YOU, MY WHITE MUKIGA

You rearranged my vocabulary so no EXs
It’s like they were never there, guess they found my memory’s exit.
If you left me, that would be hectic.
I thought being a star mattered but you changed my aim.
You’re faithful so no “hole” of fame.
I can’t believe you want my name.
Even when I’m not playing, because of you, they say I still got game.
I dance and your body moves
You dance and my soul grooves.
I can’t wait to give you a bump
I would never hit you so no head bump
But you would let me hit it so I’m talking baby bump.
Talking to you gives me a jazz feel
Makes me want to take you to Jazzville.
You’re the kind of babe that would make a player hang his jersey.
You do not struggle with being classy.
For your dreams I would willingly cash in.
If John Legend met you, he would write another smash hit.
With you I would put my life on it not just a ring on it.
Calling you my “wifey” has a ring to it.
You would be my queen so that puts a king to it.
Relating with you has an eternity thing to it.
Your future definitely has wedding “bling” to it.
You’re the kind of babe that will make me WORK OUT my relationship without going to the gym.
When push comes to shove, you can take one for the team.
You’re loyal so forget Chris Breezy.
You make walking on hot coals easy.
For you I’m willing to bleed with no fuss.
I would walk down the aisle, just to say “I do”, even if it were filled with broken glass.


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