#MuwadoLoveLetter My Love is Not Afraid

I feel it like physical pain somewhere in my throat
I toss and turn in my bed and wait for day break
No dreams tonight, just unending thoughts
I miss you horribly, feeling you, then waking
And you are not here
Images of you holding my hand, smiling

The earth is delayed in its course
The round should be done now
It should be daylight
The moon mocks me
The stars wink in sarcastic delight as I wish them away
And call on the dawn
When I can finally see you
Hear you, touch you
Oh that time would borrow wings!
Just for tonight
That darkness would gentlemanly open the door and step aside for light
For day, for you
But Miss Night is a jealous concubine
She will not let you leave her bosom
Oh for a thousand little candles!
I’d light them all
And deceive the world that it’s day
So I’d see you
For there’s something that I need to say

My love is not afraid to love you crazily
To love you passionately
Not passingly, or lazily
My love is an untamed lioness
Racing in the wild openness
My love is driven
My love is a waterfall with no dam
My love is not afraid of its heart being broken
Of being unrequited
My love will love you without a token
With no expectation of a reward

My love is privileged to love you
My love is happiest being yours
Here’s my love, it will not recede
Do not be afraid, my love,
My love for you is driven by a fearless love
By His love for me
I’ll be yours
My love is not afraid



Written by Roxanna Aliba

writer, people developer, learner, encourager, love to have a good laugh, abounding in hope in Christ,
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