TRAUMA (Poetry) #Story4health

#1 TRAUMA #Story4health


Another part of me was revealed during this pandemic

Never knew I could sleep this much

I was not aware I could eat more than three meals per day

Oh I didn’t mention that

I never knew I could watch movies for 12hours straight up without stopping

I never imagined I could even get bored from watching movies (chucks)

The trauma of staying indoor

In this course of indefinite break

I understood more about the principles of not attaching our joy

To ephemeral things, job and also to people

I became addicted to reading books for hours without distraction

My latest attire to take a selfie when bored is incomplete without my nose mask.

Had no idea nose mask could be incorporated into latest styles of 2020

That means belittle no one, anyone can rise in stock like nose mask (smiles)

Hoping we recover from this act of shame

Can we feel honoured again walking head held high

without a nose mask?

Oh, we have not talked about our new lifestyle

Methods of greeting has changed

What a humiliation to our culture

Social gatherings has been deprived

Those getting into debt because of expensive Aso Ebi are really growing fat

cos’ no Aso ebi to buy.

I never knew I could get fat by this time of the year as a student( I never get fat)

There are some positive influence of this break

We received rest from stress

People with cough are stigmatized

One with Fever are seen as corona virus patient

The ignominy experienced during this period takes time to heal

The surviving patient of this virus could not receive

a warm hugs from families and friends

Even with being a survival, there is a pain that comes alongside

Oh what a great distress after fighting for one’s life in the treatment center

Should that be our reward?

Hoping for a survival after this trauma

that has cause us both emotional and psychological injury

I wish I could continue with this lifestyle of staying home

I think Mr corona virus is tired of staying in Nigeria

It is time we bid you goodbye covid-19

And I am sure you did not enjoy your stay in Nigeria

Have a safe trip.


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Written by Omole Glory

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