#MuwadoLoveLetter20 And On That Day

Dear future wife, I’m not going to write you a long text here, I know you would prefer me talking to you physically. I have all the time in the world to, and I will do that. For now just read.

I’m an average man, may not have a car to carry you around(I’m working on that) but my heart is big enough to accomodate you and all your accompanying troubles.

They say February 14th is the day of lovers but don’t you think everyday should be a day of lovers?

Don’t you think I should always look upto 5 O’clock in the evening so I can leave office and rush home to share some hot gossip with you?

Don’t you think sweetheart, that in as much as I have hundreds of people around me, you should be my very best friend and confidant, the one I run to when I feel I have had enough of the day’s troubles?

Dear future wife, I plan on loving you that day like I love you today and yesterday.

We have a very short history, I just met you not long ago after four long, lonely and boring years but I can assure you I want a lifetime with you, I want a future with you, I want a family.

I might be stupid to many for wanting all these things with you, the girl I met not long ago but don’t you think it’s right to say, one man in love is better than a thousand fighting kings.

I could be lying in the eyes of these other readers babe, in your heart you know it’s the truth.

I could swear if I was a religious freak but then I’m not, so, I’ll stick to just saying I LOVE YOU the way you know.

I could buy you a field of flowers in bloom, but then I’m no billionaire, so, I will just stick to a bouquet of red rosses from Bombo road. We still have a long journey ahead.

I could sing you a love song, but you know I have a horrible voice, so, I will just write you a love letter instead.

I’m not much of a dancer but the few funny moves I’ve learnt over the years could do well to crack you up.

I’m not much of a sex expert either but I could really give you a night to remember.

If you see this, just know I love you. Muwado has given me this opportunity to reach out to you in a mix of old-school letter stuff and modern day tech. These past few weeks have been a rollercoaster of memorable things in our lives, I wish to make more through out this journey.

On that day dearly beloved, we could go have some cake at Cakely. I haven’t really had a taste of their vanilla cake in a while, you know. You might end up picking them to be our wedding cake suppliers. Such a decision can be best made by you, they’re the only good option anyway. If you try to say otherwise, that’s when I will jump in and take on the roles of the judge and jury at the same time.

We could also try out Rogers’ Bites, they are the best when it comes to tasty an HEALTHY food. I know you’re shy, but the aroma of the food here is one that can flip a bunny into an ogre.

I have used Jumia food services before and if you don’t want to go out babe, I could just swipe right or left and have our favorite dishes delivered. It won’t take long you know.

And on that day dear future wife, I plan on doing ‘sooo’ many things with you, including those your pastor calls sin.


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Written by Eninu William

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