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Kintu and Nambi; The Song of Nambi's Heart #5

By Faith Murket

Nambi’s heart was racing. This was it! This was her final chance. Everything she had ever wanted was all too close and all too far at the same time. She felt a little light headed. The nausea was creeping in. There was nothing worse than those dizzy spells she got whenever she felt faced with something new. It was crippling fear and unbridled excitement wrapped up in one.

She could feel Kayikuzi’s eyes on her. Her brother meant well but she was in no mood to be herded like the cow they were fighting over. Walumbe’s bullying had gone too far. She had to make a stand. And so… she interrupted him.

Her brother’s hot breath could be felt against her face as his chest heaved angrily. Nambi had never caused trouble before. She had always known her place as a woman. “What was making her defy Walumbe?” Kayikuzi’s body tensed. Waiting.

Walumbe smiled. There was nothing warm about this smile. It was cold, cruel and calculating. His heart was filled with pride. 

“Sister, what’s wrong?” He asked making a move to stroke her cheek as he spoke. Her body repelled his presence, breaking into shudders even before he touched her. 

A dark shadow crossed his face, but just for a second. His siblings had always looked at him as though he was a second class citizen. He had sworn multiple times since his childhood that they would pay, but now was not the time.

Nambi turned to her father deep down praying for courage. “Father, I would like to call for a private session if it pleases you.” Nambi looked straight into her father’s eyes. She hoped to look confident and calm and not arrogant but her head was spinning so fast she couldn’t tell if she was successful.

Gulu looked from child to child. He was puzzled but nothing interesting ever happened in heaven and he was not about to let this go, “I’ll allow it”

Kayikuzi’s gaze shot up from his sister to his father. What was going on! Had Nambi and father lost their minds? Did they not know that this was Walumbe they were dealing with? This could not be happening.

“Leave us,” Gulu’s voice bellowed.

Walumbe’s face only spoke of outrage, as he paced outside the throne room. Saliva was foaming at his mouth and his veins popped. He was seeing red. He took this as a betrayal. Once again he was a second class citizen! He would not let his be! “I will show them… I will show them,” he grumbled under his breath, shaking his spear in his hand.

“Whatever Nambi was up to, it better be good,” Kayikuzi prayed.

Behind the closed doors, Nambi knelt before her father while keeping her eyes fixed upon the grass finishing on the floors. Everything in heaven was perfect, but she had never been able to enjoy it. She closed her eyes, slowed her heartbeat with each breath. It was time.

“Do you love me, father?” Nambi asked.

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