Kintu and Nambi; The Face of a God Gone Mad #4

By Mutebi Wilson

“Too much of listening to strangers,” said Gulu, “SPEAK”

“I knew that you would back me,” said Walumbe

No one had perfected the art of charming Gulu like Walumbe. He was a star when it came to seducing the old man’s ego. Better yet, his ability to know when to start butt-kissing was undoubtedly the reality behind Gulu’s love for him.

“Father, you are the wisest and most powerful being in this entire place,” Walumbe began.

For a brief moment, I pitied the man. He looked helpless in the face of the jury. What else would you expect in such a biased trial?

Walumbe turned and swiftly held up the man by his neck. In the blink of an eye, he had his free hand at his waist. Unknowing to the unsuspecting eye, strapped to his side was a short spear.

“You saw me steal your cow with your naked eyes?” Walumbe mocked the man, “Why then did you not fight back?”

“Because you are from a higher world and you can harm me,” the man croaked.

It was easy to tell that Walumbe was enjoying the whole scene. His injured face lit up with a wide smile as though all the pain had vanished at the sight of fear within his new found toy. He took the spear from its strap, and started playing with it in between his fingers. Making sure that the man saw his well-crafted art, he drew it closer to his throat. The battle of the mind had started and Walumbe was obviously winning.

 “You lied; then you got here,” said Walumbe “Are you enjoying it now?”

“Stop it,” Nambi barked.

She marched towards the two, uncaring of the consequences. Walumbe glared at her for the interruption. He hated it when someone came in between him and his toys. She took the spear from his hand savagely tearing it from his grasp and stabbing it into the floor.

“How dare you?” Walumbe shouted lividly.

He let go of the man, turning his rage towards his sister as though charging for a second fight.

“Enough!” shouted Gulu.

I couldn’t believe it. The day had surpassed itself in cringe worthy drama.


Written by The Muchwezi

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