Don’t Let Corona Lock-down Your Head as Well

The big question for me is, “When the country is on lockdown, are our brains also on lockdown?”

Uganda went on a nationwide lockdown on March 22nd. This saw the closure of schools, churches and mass gatherings like the “pentagonal weddings” among others. Over the next couple of days, the president went on to stop public transport “the boda bodas, matutus and taxis.

I know that any of us students are happy because we’ve got time to sleep, time to “social media challenge” ourselves or watch movies, but I have some advice especially for fellow youth. Just as farmers use the dry season to prepare and discuss what they will plant the next season, so can we also use this opportunity to challenge ourselves and task our brains to think of our next big idea.

For those who want to do business, this is the opportunity to design your business idea, test it, seek advice and identify your market. When the lockdown is over, you can implement it and get your business going. I am doing the same. And as for the students, you have been given more time to read your book and make up for time when things might get tough.

So reduce on the movies and phone calls and sleep and social media. They will probably not improve your situation. But if you look at this problem or challenge as a gift and opportunity to do things differently and grow, then you will not have to worry about the future. That is what I am doing.

Forget the rest, but remember this: Every problem is a gift. Without problems we would not grow.

By Josephat Wefafa (Mr. Bees)


Written by Boundless Minds

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