#MuwadoLoveLetter22 (My light bearer)

Dearest Shalom, i often do not know how to say this but you are my blessing because of all the light you have brought into my life. 

I prayed for you and my cries were heeded, to have a woman bold in all her nature and true to herself. 

From the minute i first starred at you there was something about you worth knowing. You have warmed your heart to me and led my by the hand to explore a life of greatness and i am glad we are doing this together. 

The depth of the things i feel when i see you smile is immense and my joy stems from your happiness. 

The times we have shared just the two of us have granted me endless peace, knowing you and the beauty of your soul still mesmerizes me each waking day. I hope to make the love i have for you last for a long time, probably a lifetime because you are the black beauty they sent me to earth to find and return to heaven. But after we grow old and grey and i give you all the love you deserve.

I want to do this life thing with you without any doubts because the love i have for you cast out all my fears on all the little things that wont matter because i have you. 

I adore you my pro max, all the things you envision will come to pass  if you trust me to lead you to it and this is the first step am taking to breathe life into our future together.  

Will you please be mine? 


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Written by Rodney Matthew

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