in ,


I am saying this in the dark 

Power chucked !

No it didnt chuck

Thats a lie that I have propagated 

for those who often ask

The truth is;

It’s the yaka;it ran out 

You see ,

Between the yaka and supper 

I had to choose 

Choose to eat or to see 

See my babies yawning at me 

Me-their god on earth,

After I use the 5k I had left to buy yaka 

So as to light our studio apartment  in Kalerwe
I quickly dismiss the yaka thought

In place of bulb light,

We shall use the moonlight and maybe the falling embers from the sigiri 

to light our supper 

And so quarter a kg of mukene and half kg of posho later 

I am still yawning from hunger 

And Still in the dark.


What do you think?

Written by Qdoh

Lawyer/ Rotaractor/Poet

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