On Endo – Fear, Bad Theology, What what ….

“You should learn to do your things in Silence!! Anti emputu!!” 

Gosh…the things I have to listen to?! I have chosen silence many times …trying to be like Yesu but I am choosing to speak/write now! 

Oba how would I have fundraised in silence and gotten the help I have received? Naye banange…. 

Please rid yourself of that bad theology of “everyone is out to get you”… isn’t God big enough for you? Kweli re-examine the things you believe!! Please do. 

I remember the first time I posted on Facebook about endometriosis, fibroids and period pain (all mine), someone close to me asked me why I have to put my business out there?! 

Well, I said then..and I am saying AGAIN now;  firstly, it’s  my business afterall. I do it for myself.  Lest I run mad with all the scary thoughts in my head. Secondly, for others who are suffering and think they are alone. 

Let’s face it, we all won’t post about whatever we deem private…but if somebody posts about themselves, leave them be!!! 

I am loud. I am opinionated. I am stubborn. Yes, that too. And, yes – I am also trying to be a real follower of Yesu. Don’t mistake my sometimes-silence for stupidity. I am many things, a push-over isn’t one of them. And the Bible if anything tells us to be bold. To speak the truth in love. To be gracious. Forgive me where I am failing. And yes, I will fail. No shock there. 

However, I AM TIRED OF WHOEVER ATTEMPTS TO MUZZLE ME. And kuba ndi mulokole, I will TRY to be gracious enough and not mention names. Naye… I WILL SPEAK AND WRITE WHAT I WANT. Because I can and I am persuaded I should. 

Okay… I am breathing out. Stop trying to muzzle people. SHARE YOUR STUFF (or not) as and when you feel comfortable. With whomever you choose. If I choose a public space and I am speaking about MY ISSUES… leave me be. Or whatever issues I deem worth sharing about. 

Okay…okay …I am done now. Silence is a stupid kind of complicity I refuse to be a part of. Especially of things that matter!!

I’ll be back (Godwilling)…to continue sharing my Endo journey post-surgery.


What do you think?

Written by Sheila Wavamunno

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