Where have all the children gone?

Where have all the children gone?

All I see is adults in children’s bodies forced to grow fast,

Walking with pregnant backs filled with dictated notes,

While those in cars do their homework stuck in traffic jam.

See them!

Swarms and swarms of students

Trained to cram their cranium with this curriculum.

Just to pass on paper,


With no idea on how to use the information practically.

So now aggrieved by the aggressor they seek for a future in this bottleneck society

Where success is defined by possession.

Who cares about passion?

A system deliberately created to create creatures of habit.

Detached and Disillusioned.

We know how, but we don’t know why!

Where have all the children gone?

At home, their eyes are transfixed on all kinds of screens:

Text, TV, pc

Subtly being consumed by consumerism,

Feeding their narcissism with images of perfection,

Getting sucked into a different dimension

Ignoring the reality of their own situations.


Listen to the silence in the air…

What happened to the joyful sound of the laughs of children playing under the sun?

Where have the children gone?

And then they graduate.

Then they graduate and wear the emperor’s perfect gown,

Invisible and useless.

Just a cloak

To hoodwink one into believing that they have reached a certain semblance of accomplishment.

So now the young run around

Hurry hurry in a flurry.

Scurry scurrying about like headless chicken looking for a living,

With their university degrees in hand,


Where are the jobs?

Where are the jobs?

Where are the jobs?

Where have all the children gone?

Did the Pied Piper finally pay his visit?

Perhaps it was Peter Pan with his ideas of a Neverland,

Corrupting their minds with ideas of no responsibility,

Just fun.

Or was it the Ogre with an overwhelming hunger for the young?


Who wields the weapons to slice the Ogres bellies open and retrieve our children?

Whose responsibility is it to guide them once we have them?

What can we set in place to pace their passion towards a fruitful space?

Well it seems the answer is to just…



Written by Jason Ntaro

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  1. Thank you very much, Mohammed! I’m honoured, very! This piece was inspired by a multitude of things. First off being our cram mentality. The problem with this is we become very flaccid stagnant people as a group which in turn stifles one from actually meeting themselves. Imagine all the skills that are being suppressed under the guise of education.

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