Interview with Nana Kagga of ‘The Life’

nanaNana Kagga is not your ordinary Ugandan. She has lived a life most people dream of. A true go-getter! I found out about her, as with most things on, while idly perusing through Facebook. One of my friends or one of the pages I like, I can’t seem to remember which, was announcing the launch party of her soon to be released movie, The Life.

What grabbed my interest first was the cast of the movie which included some really big names in the Ugandan entertainment industry. I decided to dig further and that’s when I found out about Nana who had written and directed the movie. Further research from my friend Google left me awestruck at what she has managed to achieve in her time on earth.

Naturally, I sought her out for an interview. So without further ado, I will let her tell her own story.

MUWADO: Hello, how about a brief introduction for the readers of

NANA: My name is Nana and I am a Ugandan filmmaker.

MUWADO: Though we can only hope, we can’t expect the whole world to know who you are. What are some of the highlights or achievements in your life that you would want to be known/remembered for?

NANA: Over the years, I had appeared in a number of Hollywood films, TV, commercials, music videos and plays as Nana Hill.

My Hollywood film credits include: “He is not that into you” with Universal pictures, “Star Trek” with Paramount pictures ( and “A Good Day to be Black and Sexy” with Magnolia Pictures as well as the independent films “Cowboys and Indians”, “Hitchike” and “Collision”. (

On US Television, I appeared on “CSI New York” on CBS, “LIFE” on NBC, “Runaway Stars” a webseries, Black Entertainment TV, BET and Uganda’s WBS’s Jam Agenda.

I have done US TV Commercials for Pepsi, DSW, Budweiser, Coors Light, KFC, Microsoft, Apple, Tylenol and Dove.

I have also  appeared in music videos for artists such as Pink, Amy Winehouse, Sting and Lenny Kravitz.

I was also lead actress in the play ‘Butterflies of Uganda’ which was nominated for an NAACP award. (


MUWADO: So how come you left Hollywood to come back and settle in Uganda. Did opportunities dry out or the motherland kept on calling to you?

NANA: Everyone asks that question like there is a profound answer. An earth shattering moment when I made the drastic decision to come home. Nothing happened for me. My career in Hollywood was steadily rising but for me it was time to come home.

MUWADO: Do you see yourself returning to the US anytime soon to further your acting career?

NANA: I am afraid not. Being infront of the camera is not something I relish anymore. I prefer being behind the lens and writing my own scripts and telling my own stories.

MUWADO: Let’s talk about The Life, what was you inspiration for this movie?

NANA: Kampala did, especially the music industry here and the rise in the pursuit of the ultimate lifestyle that has sprung up in Kampala.

Written by Muwado

Muwado is an arts, lifestyle, entertainment, humour and entrepreneurship and social networking website tailored for Africa.

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