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The Girl in The Yellow Jumper : A movie shouting impunity, mob justice, child sexual abuse and torture in Uganda.

Movie Review  : The Girl in The Yellow Jumper.

Dorothy, a Medical officer attends to a 12-year-girl old rushed to the hospital after a botched abortion. Before the child dies, she names the paedophile who also went ahead to attempt the abortion. The Medical officer and a buddy abduct a suspected paedophile from his mother’s house. They plan to extra a confession but things escalate so fast. They bury him alive, unexpectedly, he gets out and shoots the medical officer.

A movie shouting impunity, mob justice, child sexual abuse and torture in Uganda. It is one of the few Ugandan movies that have got it right on scenes, sound, lighting timing and characters. You would rightly say that 27 guns should have a remake and borrow some scenes and actors. I have watched it more than 10 times. 

The Movie that features prominent musician Maurice Kirya as a police officer, celebrates everything in Uganda. Our culture and history. It reminded me about growing up, how special we are as Ugandans and what we believe in. Ugandan Superstitions are loud in all scenes like the Owl. We all know that Owls in Uganda are a symbol of death. When it shows up or makes any sound, there is a belief that someone will die.

The writer is able to run two parallel storylines. The one of the Cigarette Butt serial Killer and that of a Paedophile. Maybe it should have been given more time. I want suspense, but in the scene of  paedophile getting out of the grave to shoot the medical officer, there was a disconnect. If you are a fan of Philip Lutaya, Micheal Wawuyo jr, and Maurice Kirya. It is worth all your time.

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