#MuwadoLoveLetter From One Twin Heart to Another

Dear  Mama Nalongo,

While watching you attempt to teach the twins how to bake and get caught in the eye of the storm of a flour and cookie dough food fight, something stirred in me that I thought had died. In that moment in time I was caught in a domestic scene that sent me sailing through memories of the last 15 years.

The beautiful fresh faced campus girl who smiled at me across a bonfire, who teased about my social awkwardness, had me playing a cat and mouse game before she finally accepted to go out on a date and the sturdy female who held my hand and helped me study when I failed my finals.

When you said yes to me under that mango tree  in the front yard of our first tiny rental apartment, it was I who had struck gold. Over the years amidst troublesome in-laws, health scares, money trouble, temptations and differentiating opinions I may have lost sight of what was standing right in front of me.

I know I last wrote¬†one of these when¬†Nyangoma and Kato were¬†born (I can’t wait to see the look on your face when you find this). I thought I would go all chessy and tell you how complete you make me, how I still think you look sexy even when you fret over your stretch marks and no matter¬†how mad I am at you, I still want to kiss you when I walk through the door everyday.

I usually let you bully me because it makes you happy and God knows how much I love your smile. My heart sometimes still does that thump thump sound when you touch me and when other men ogle you I am torn between pride and the cave man complex to smash their eyeballs for daring to look at that which is mine.

Did I mention what¬†an excellent mother to our little troublemakers and although I don’t agree with you spanking them, I know you would trudge through a zombie apocalypse to get them. Besides where else can get a partner to do the Beyonce’s part in Bonnie & Clyde while I rap like Jay Z.

Although we don’t fit in¬†the hip generation crowd anymore, I though I would go all Cam’ron on you and go “Hey Ma, can you be my Valentine ?”

I am thankful, blessed and lucky to share this journey. Estarás siempre en mi corazón.

PS: You know how I like that red dress with the thing-in-front I can’t pronounce.


Taata Salongo


Written by Twongyere Florentyna (1)

A girl looking to make a stamp in this enigma, foodie, reader, writer, Scorpio, Ankole Warrior Princess, self confessed food-aholic, aspiring pastry chef, Victoria Secret obsessed, restaurant owner, October baby.......and of course, lover of life.

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