Movie Review : House Of Gucci

Movie Review : House Of Gucci

My Movie review of House Of Gucci: When she makes the first move, she will control everything for the rest of your life.

Inspired by a true-life story of the Italian Fashion brand House Of Gucci. A Gucci heir married a wrong outsider which resulted in the Guccis losing control over their family business.

Maurizio Gucci fell in love with Patrizia. An ambitious outsider. Maurizio Gucci’s father was against their relationship, but the son ignored him. Things turned from good to bad when Maurizio Gucci’s dad died and there were shares to be inherited. The Wife, Patrizia, became greedy and a control freak. Patrizia got too ambitious about the Gucci business and started planning to get rid of the rest. This caused family misunderstandings that lead to jail, separation, betrayal, revenge, and murder.

As they say, you cannot advise a person in love but we should always listen to parents. Bible tells us to fear our parents and live longer(Exodus 20:12) If Maurizio Gucci had not married Patrizia, maybe they would still control House of Gucci and no misfortunes would get to Guccis. Patrizia relied on a TV fortune teller for all her erratic decisions including murder. One of the downfalls of the Gucci family can be traced to this contradicting faith.

It is very evident that it is Patrizia who made the first move on Maurizio Gucci and then slowly became a control freak. When Maurizio Gucci asked for a divorce,without any remorse, Patrizia hired assassins that killed her husband.

The movie featured lady Gaga as Patrizia, it is slow at the start but gets interesting after an hour. lady Gaga delivered for  the role with her Italian accent, costumes and character.

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