Kintu and Nambi; Nambi's Plea #11

By Mutebi Wilson

I stood alone under the huge tree peering at the cattle that stood at a distance. I had heard that Father invited the poor creature back to his court. Clearly, the next task was being adjudicated. I had no intention of going back and watch his misery again.

Truth be said, it hurt me. That human managed to split the rock with an axe, because of me. 

At first, it was not obvious. I mean, the little ‘thing’ had barely a quarter of the strength of a god. Even the demi-gods and the servants with in the palace had issues with splitting rocks whenever father demanded. But somehow, that weak creature had managed to split it.

What managed to tear through my very soul was that he dared challenge me. He had the audacity to whisper in my ear as though I was some kind of child to him. It felt like defeat.

This was perhaps, the reason as to why I was mad. It did not seem fair to me. I mean, I could split the rock with just the slight touch of the apex of my spear. But there I was with a human challenging me! And even worse am not able to do a thing! For sure, I would have slashed off his head hadn’t it been for the thought of Nambi’s misery flashing before my eyes.

However, I knew he was bound to fail on the next task. Walumbe was cunning but his father was twice that. Gulu may not have been as evil as his son but for sure he could get away with anything twice better than him.

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Written by The Muchwezi (3)

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