Kintu and Nambi; The First Task #10

By Mugabe Victor

I’ll give it to him, he does have one swift tongue. I will illustrate my power and skills to this creature and seal his lips with the shame that he deserves. 

 In a single leap I made that glorious landing, that left dust dancing in the wind in celebration of my power as I effortlessly towered over him, casting a shadow over his whole body. 

“How is that for talk?”

Then there it was, his eyes fixated upon my physique, his breathing, breaking in rhythm as he dared to settle it. There was the coward I knew from a few hours back.

“What do you have to say now?”

“Don’t mind me, Sebo Kayikuzi,” he chocked as he attempted to speak, “am just a man trying to split a rock with an axe,” Kintu replied as he childishly played with the tool in his hand. The dents were too clear up close; one would feel sorry for his efforts. I almost did when he squeaked, after all, no mere mortal could stand there un-shattered after seeing my entrance.

“If I were you I would have already given up, there is no way you will succeed at this,”

“Who said anything about success?” Kintu nervously laughed in reply, “I just want to see how far your father will go with this madness, and anyways, this is not about your father’s wishes any more, it’s now about Nambi,”

“What do you mean?”

“You think I dented this axe for nothing? The mere fact that I tried to split a rock for her and miserably failed proves how much I desire her,” with a slight stop in his words, he came closer to me as though telling a secret, “with or without your blessing, we are leaving together”

It was strange at this point; this was not the Kintu I had seen in that court room. In a moment’s gasp, his posture was too poise, his voice stable and there was that look in his eye. “What are you up to?” I casually breathed, “Did Nambi put him up to this?” To be sincere I had no idea where his taunting was leading to.

“So what do you think will happen when you fail?” I casually asked in a desperate attempt to find his angle

“Best case scenario, I am given my cow and I leave, worst case scenario I am killed by one of your bruised egos”


“Yes, clearly you are all head over heels for your lovely sister and unfortunately she doesn’t feel the same way, she would rather marry a ‘goat’ than stay with the three of you,”

His words hurt, they hurt so much that it cut so deeply, I could feel my fingers slip into unrest as they scratched upon my palm. I had to keep a calm head. With a wide crescent smile that exposed his whole chewing system, he strolled up to his large rock, settling upon it as though it was some form of palace. Lying on it and stretching his body across its curves. Moaning as he stretched, the bones in his chest crackled, sending my brain into that red zone that terribly blinds one’s judgement. All I needed was that one little push. 

“I wonder what it will be like to have a god for a wife? I wonder if she is a goddess below the sheets as well”

Then there it was, that little push; I just had to shut his mouth. 

It happened so fast. 

And really I have to admit that that is when everything changed. Sides were picked, spears were drawn, masks were revealed. 

A single explosive gust of wind, shoved every inch of the earth forward, and in merely a second the recoil sucked at every stance, tearing us from our positions. I couldn’t feel my arm. Had I missed? Everyone had to have felt that. I could barely hold my head up. Where was that wretched little creature?

All I could tell was that I had drawn my spear. The vibration in my arm tore at each fiber choking at every cell. My arm resonated at an unbearable frequency, pinning me to ground. My body was a vegetable. 

I could see Kintu trudging towards me from a distance as tore through the dust. I had missed my target. He had a slight limp in his step. Closing in on the rock, and with that same grin on his face, he held on to the short beaten up axe that somehow had become his closest companion. 

I could hear everyone approach from a distance, thumping at the ground with the extremities of all their speeds. Damn it, I had messed up. 

I could see shapeless figures exploding from the bushes as my vision faded; all to witness the little man’s victory. 

With one wild swing, he aimed for the crack; he did it. He split a rock using an axe.


Written by The Muchwezi

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