Kintu and Nambi; Decisions #14

By Mugabe Victor


“I am not sure, I feel tall, broody and with an unhinged desire to make my siblings feel miserable,” he sighed, “kind of like how you feel every day, must be because we have switched roles,” he paused, “Since when did you start conniving with Nambi? I thought I’d be given that pleasure when the time came, it is about time she picked a side on the moral compass”

“Shut up Walumbe!” 

“Don’t tell me you believed her nonsense,” he barked; and instantly switching to his high pitched fake voice, he squeaked “I want you to help me,”

“Please, our sister can conjure up an army of ants in seconds, and she wants your to help her get rid of food?” he snarled “Don’t be stupid, she is up to something,” he muttered, turning his back at me. 

I couldn’t tell if it was the growing essence of the night or my relentless desire to keep up my “know it all” demeanor, but I just couldn’t let Walumbe go off with the last word. 

“You think I haven’t noticed?” I suddenly stuttered, “Her change in dressing, her uncanny responses at the court this morning,” I added, “However, I made a promise and…”

“You always keep your word?” Walumbe interrupted. Eyes raging with hate, he spat on the ground, right at my feet. His face was wrinkled with detest and eyes red with blood lust, he whispered, “Don’t make me laugh” 

The air instantly grew tense, grey and frozen. I was holding myself back from giving him the thrashing of his life. My index finger went at it again, scratching at my palms and reminding me to keep my cool.

It was at such moments that evil thoughts lingered. The night was quiet enough, and we had an outsider in heaven. I think I’d get away with murder. I just had to aim a quick, strong blow at his throat and the night would become beautiful again.

Then, almost as though he knew the thoughts racing through my mind; like the light on a glow worm’s belly he turned, his lips lifted into one of those fake Cheshire smiles that reach from one ear to another. “I am sorry brother,” he said

For Gulu’s sake, did he expect me to believe that smile? Does everyone here think that I am stupid?

“I never meant to be disrespectful, the thought of those two together gets on my nerves,” he hissed, “and don’t get me started on the thoughts I am sure are running through his head,”

 I couldn’t stand the sight of Walumbe at this point. My palms had turned red and were starting to feel numb after all the scratching. 

“I wonder what it will be like to have a god for a wife? I wonder if she is a goddess under the sheets as well,” Walumbe devilishly growled. 

Those words, they sounded familiar, however, they did not belong in Walumbe’s mouth. It dawned upon me in a short flash that tore at every fiber in my hand, choking at each and every cell. 

“What?” I curiously asked as I turned my gaze in his direction, to be greeted by the clear night. Walumbe had disappeared again. There must be another of his holes around here. If I had the power, I would fill them all with dung. Unless…

Fine, it was an idea by far, and a good one. However, I needed answers and as I had been led to understand they were not going to come from the mouth of any of my siblings. 

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