Kintu and Nambi; Decisions #13

Continued from Nambi’s Plea #12

By Mugabe Victor

I could feel it. That strangling feeling that grips your throat as you try to fight back the tears. My mind was racing with excuses and I couldn’t help but try to come to terms with what I was hearing. 

ASSISTANCE? What does she think I am, a fool? Because only a fool would go around defying father’s wishes. 

FORGE ONE, she said.

“Forge one?” 

I am not some kind of puppet that just does as it’s told.

If it weren’t for her insistent begging I would have been doing better things at this moment. How the hell do you even get a human to fit 100 gourds of beer and 100 baskets of food in his stomach? 

Not even a god can save him now. 

That man is done for. 

I can’t believe I stupidly agreed. 

“Remember how good I have been to you?” She just had to tie me down with guilt.

The night had grown still and the sky clear. A bluish plum glow radiated through the air, engulfing me in a mystic trance. Something about the night seemed too perfect to be true. It was unfortunate that all its beauty was being wasted on this drama.

From the darkest black of the night, a distant high pitched voice called out “Remember how good I have been to you and help him!” Those were Nambi’s words, however, it was clearly not her voice. 

Walumbe casually strode towards me. His head held high and chest pumped out. He was here to make fun of me. It was obvious that he had been eavesdropping the entire time. “What do you plan on doing brother?” Don’t tell me you are going to betray the Almighty Gulu just because of our dearest sister’s terrible acting,” 

“She was not gifted in the arts,” he mumbled. 

“Walumbe, your voice is still a thorn in my side, how are you?”

“I am not sure, I feel tall, broody and with an unhinged desire to make my siblings feel miserable,” he sighed, “kind of like how you feel every day, must be because we have switched roles,” he paused, “Since when did you start conniving with Nambi? I thought I’d be given that pleasure when the time came, it is about time she picked a side on the moral compass” 



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Written by The Muchwezi

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