Kintu and Nambi; Nambi's Plea #12

By Mutebi Wilson

Gulu may not have been as evil as his son but for sure he could get away with anything twice better than him. 

It was then that I heard Nambi’s footsteps approaching. My sight shifted from the uncaring calf that endlessly chewed at its cad onto my sister. As she trudged her way up the small hill, she wore a heavy smile. I just had to forge one for the sake of the tense air that enveloped the space between us. I did not want her to know what I felt about her new found ‘whatever’ after his first task. 

“My sister, what has happened?”

A weird gloom wrapped itself around her eyes. It was then that I realized that she had forged her smile as well.

“I need to talk to you about something,” she said, “but you have to promise that it will stay a secret between the two of us. No one should know about it; not even our brother, Walumbe”

I felt the smile on my face vanish as a serious fog captured my face. She had always been there for me. I was not about to pay her back with betrayal. She was my only sister and truthfully I loved her even more than Walumbe.

“I promise it will stay a secret,” I answered.

There was a little bit of silence. I knew she had to first test her instincts before continuing to tell me her secret.

“I want you to help me.”

“Anything for my little sister,” I encouraged her, “So, what is it that you want me to help you with?”

“Kintu,” she said.

For a second I felt the flash of revenge sweep through my body. At first, I had wanted him to survive but basing on his recent challenge, I would enjoy seeing him fail. I felt happy and had to force my smile to stay since I wanted an innocent appearance before my sister. 

“What is wrong with Kintu?” I asked

“Father has given him another task,” she said, “And this time round he may not be able to do it himself. He needs assistance.”

This time round I smiled. It felt sweet that the little weak creature was going to go down this time round. Thank goodness, it had taken only one task to reach the harder one.

“What do you mean by assistance?” I inquired in a bid to get the whole case right before I could sit down with some roasted maize to enjoy as I watched him fail.

“Father demands that he eats a full serving of a feast all by himself,” said Nambi, “And that is something impossible for a human,”

I chuckled a little. I had waited for this all day long. In fact, I had waited for it since the whole rock incedent. A stern look on Nambi’s face instantly tied me to an insatiable guilt. I felt bad for her. She really wanted the man to finish the tasks.

“Okay, I will help you?” I answered.

“Please, do so,” she begged, “remember how good I have been to you and help him. It is all that I ask you in return.”

I noticed her eyes grow a little reddish. What had I done? I had made one of the most gracious people in heaven to cry. Now, I wanted Kintu to win.

“I will,” I confirmed, “Seriously. I will. What is the plan?”

“You can forge one,” she begged as tears neared the edge of her eye.

An idea flashed in my mind. It was Walumbe’s undying desire to dig deep pits every time he was alone. If we only mapped them out and got Kintu to eat nearby one of them, it would be simple. We just had to make a passage.

“Okay,” I muttered, “Just tell me where he is going to be; and all the rest will be sorted out,”


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Written by The Muchwezi

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