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Ki Love Lavu Podcast 03 – Attachment Styles in Relationships

Building loving relationships has been shown to improve depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. Everyone deserves to have good mental health, be supported and loved. For those who are struggling with their mental health, reaching out and seeking help is a sign of tremendous strength – not a weakness.

This podcast is meant to share the positive effects of love on mental health in African culture and provide guidance on how Africans can support their own path towards being intentional about using healthy coping techniques to deal with the daily challenges and stresses of life.

What is your attachment style? Is it good for relationships or does it set you up for heartbreak? In this episode, we continue to discuss the “Affairs of the Heart” with a new guest speaker, So Severe

Culture plays a significant role in the variations observed in the manifestation, expression, and meaning of attachment behaviors. Africa is home to multiple cultures, with distinct organizations of caregiving relationships underlying the development of attachment. Our guest psychologist aims to consolidate knowledge about African attachment by describing recently observed attachment patterns in older African adults. 

Cohosted by @niwaroll and @afropreneurchi 

Special Guest Psychologist is @hazel_muriro of mindful_uganda

Curated by JOONAFRICA in partnership with MUWADO

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