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Index Extremities


Shrouded in different kinds of mystics,

Misunderstood as pacifists.

Name it;

Muslim, Christian or Buddhist,

All seem to be searching for a hope of sorts,

Wondering who we are because we are lost in our own images and reflections.

So now we raise our arms to the sky as though to hold it in place,

Or perhaps to lift up he, she or it that we adore.

Hoping for a freedom of sorts,

Refusing to take responsibility for our own iniquity.

And because we cannot hear the royal voice,

Someones make the choice to choose law givers, Lords, Kings, High priests.

And yet each and every one of them considers the other as a beast.

Births, persecutions, crucifixions, resurrections…

The immaculate conception,

Is it a Fact or is it fiction?

Is it truth or is it deception?


And then, of gods we have;

Horus, Jesus, Prometheus, Attis, Osiris and Orus, Zulis, Dionysus, Cadmus, Baal of Phoenicia, Krishna, Indra, Buddha, Mithra, Thor the son of Odin, Mikado, Ixion of Rome

The list of gods goes on…

The only difference between you andn me is the faith that we choose to be.

Whether spoon-fed, force fed or self-fed,

We poison our souls with sugar coated sermons of hate,

Filling our heads

Heads with information in conformation with the formation of a self-minded nation.

Pointing fingers of right and wrong,

Castigating and judging,

Twisting scriptures to fit within a scripted mind frame!

So go on.

Go ahead.

Go ahead and laugh at me and at my beliefs.

Go ahead and dream.

Dream of your eternity and swim in your self-righteous piety.

But as you dream…

Know what?

 Do not judge me!


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Written by Jason Ntaro (0)

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