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3 years 2 months 5 days

Bang bang crack,

Another broken bone, broken back, broken heart and broken soul.

But that pain is bearable when you’re in love or so she was told.

She believed that some day he would change,

But change doesn’t come as soon as she expects it.

So she stands strong and hangs on even when fist meets cheek.

And now hues of red black and blue fill her eyes,

And those petals for lips that he once said he adored,

Now tell stories of gore.

3 years, 2 months and 5 days And things are still the same.

Only today he comes home with a different smell.

She was used to the usual smell of booze and spit,

But this time he stunk of Jezebel juice and shit.

She just could not contain it anymore.

You can hit me, rape me and break my bones,

But never ever bring another woman into my home.

3 years 2 months and 5 days

      And those were her last words.


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