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I un-submit myself from the grace, glory and authority of Elvis Mbonye

*First off, I juss want to know. Was it katogo of byenda or binyebwa?*

Osso, spiritually speaking, this “submission” is utter hogwash with the potential to bind a continent, nation and generations to suspicious, untested spiritual covenants.

You want an entire continent to be under the influence of his “…spirit of prophecy?”


Y’all have failed to change leaders in 30 years and you want to place the spiritual welfare of AN ENTIRE CONTINENT under a fallible man?

Which cheap dealers are supplying you children?

And now:

GOD is a GOD of covenants.

The operations of the spiritual world are covenant based- blood, sacrifices, tithe, animals, human beings, souls, destinies.

For example, GOD promises to rebuke the devourer if we tithe. GOD made a covenant with Abraham- to make him a father of countless descendants.
HE told David that the Messiah would come from his bloodline- and He did.

HE made a covenant using a rainbow, to never destroy the earth with floods again. I truly believe HE regrets it. Humans are not easy to not destroy.

I’m osso almost sure HE is researching new ways to take us all out. We’ve outdone ourselves as a generation, in wounding GOD’s heart. Myself included.

Judas betrayed Jesus via a covenant with the Pharisees. He tried to take back the money naye as GOD would have it, it had been finished. Judas offed himself.
All was well. GOD wins.

We can laugh sarcastically at this or we can turn to GOD’s word- our war is not against flesh and blood. Even the devil shows up as an angel of light.

Before you emotionally-trigger happy children start yapping, I have NOT called Elvis Mbonye a devil. But I can confidently say that this is sad, pitiful and boundlessly stupid. Quote me.

Now- again: if you can, say a prayer breaking yourself out of this foolery- which could still have serious ramifications.

Me as me and on behalf of my lineage, I un-submit myself from the grace, glory and authority of Elvis Mbonye. I submit to GOD the FATHER, Son and Holy Spirit ONLY.

Okay, plus my future husband. And to crispy bacon.

Let’s pull some people out from under this bondage packaged as honour.

P.S: Remnants is a really cool word for leftovers. Mawolu, to be exact.

*Test ALL spirits.*

Let’s all go back to dreading Monday.

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  1. Eh. That mawolu line. Dayum. Ok bye.

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