Good Intentions

Dear son

As you grow

You will hate me

I will tell you things you don’t like

I will forbid you things you like.


I see broken shards


Your mother wont

Love me if she saw

You wade through them.

Dear son

I will feel like a snail

Walking through salt as

You hate me

But I will walk slowly

As I thaw to sliminess

So that your tears will

Never be salty.

I will only let you dance

On the sea shore as you spin

Into the wind of good will.

You will write your dreams

On sea rocks then like a bow

You will stretch your hand and

The sea will shake into ripples

You will create many waves

And those that stand against you

Your waves will wash.

But dear son

I only wish you realize

My good intentions

Before I pass

It’s my dream too.

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Written by Laurent Bwesigye (0)

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