About a boy…

I watched him pump furiously into me. I could see he was doing all he could to suppress it going by the contortions of his face. He’d turn his head to the side every now and then as if that would slow it down.

My hands left his back and clutched both his cheeks. He paused and arched up a little bit and our eyes met. I wanted to stop time, I wanted the moment to last an eternity, but instead, I carefully clutched his neck and drew him towards me as his lips met mine. I closed my eyes then.
Felt his soft lips against mine. Felt the fluid flow from his to mine. His tongue against mine, playing with it, his lips circling around mine….
He gently resumed movement between my legs. Sweet, sensual movement. My body gyrating to his rhythm.
My lips pulled away from his and he dug his face into my neck, his hot breath upon me, his groans right in my ear.

I opened my eyes, my hands clutched the headboard. I watched his pale body twist and turn against my chocolate skin. Body to body. Skin on skin. Vanilla on chocolate. I wanted to close my eyes. But I wanted to look at his body too. My hands flew to his back, caressed it all the way down to his ass. I could feel him fighting it…he was dying to release. It had been a while. My baby had been starving. I shifted a little bit more under him, to accommodate him, to give him access to all routes that he intended to navigate. I turned my head towards him.

“It’s okay baby, you can release it now”, I whispered to him…breathless myself as I watched the tiny beads of sweat running down his back.

“Are you sure love?”
“I wanted you to cum first”, he breathed into my ear.
“It’s okay baby, we are going to be here the whole day”, I said as my right hand ran through his wavy black hair.

He didn’t need more convincing. He drew out for a bit, then prodded for a way back in, my right hand guided him into the entrance. He drove straight back in. I gasped and held him in position, then released him, then held him back again, then released him…I was teasing him and he knew it. It was our thing. I giggled, he chuckled as he once more clutched my thighs and went about his business. I couldn’t resist moaning out loud.

Like a volcano, he erupted moments after and spilled into me like a wildfire.

My baby. I thought as we both lay on our sides. Him almost breathless….his hand upon my ass.
I knew l loved this man. He’s the only person that I’d ever put my own needs aside for. Seeing him happy always made me happy too, even in my saddest moments. But mostly I loved him for the way he loved me too.
The way he looked at me.
The way he treated me….the way he held me. The way he got jealous when other men so much as said ‘Hello’ to me.
Two sensitives trying to navigate the murky waters of this complex affair called love.

His hands were upon my boobs now as we talked about everything and nothing.
Then suddenly, he turned me over. He shifted and knelt right above me. I didn’t need to ask. I could see that he needed to be fed again. I giggled…of course I was ready for him.
I closed my eyes and waited to feel his warm body against mine.
“My turn to please you love”, he whispered.

Next thing I felt was his curly hair brush against my thighs and his lips navigating uncharted waters. I almost jumped up from the bed. He knew how shy this made me.

“Relax baby, do you trust me?”, he asked in his ever so sexy voice. He smiled then, revealing his deep dimples…and that sexy gap in between his front teeth. My extremely handsome baby. How was I supposed to resist that?
“Yes baby, I do”, I quivered.
“We are going to play a game. Okay? I’m going to blindfold you and I need you to trust me on this”, he assured me.

My heart was almost beating out of my chest. I didn’t know what to expect, but I trusted him and I knew that he’d never do anything to harm me. I think my heart was racing more out of excitement. My ever so thoughtful baby wanted us to try out sex games. Oulala!!!!

Gently, he pulled one of the sheets off the bed, rolled it up and covered my eyes after making me promise that under no circumstances was I to remove it. I swore. I was growing impatient.

He must have got off the bed for a minute or two and the next thing I felt was his wet mouth upon my left breast, teasing, nibbling….his hand on my other breast, circling around my nipple, tiny tremors erupted throughout my body. My lower body longed for him….I writhed and moaned and twisted on the bed….I was dying to have him…

And then I felt it in between my legs…..
The vibrations came in so strong. My knees grew almost numb….I felt weak, my head was about to explode. The vibrations escalated. He increased intensity on my boobs. I was dying…..a slow pleasurable death.
Someone was moaning…it must have grown too loud, because his lips suddenly left my boobs and flew to my mouth, muffling the noise….hungrily, he took my lips….I felt like I couldn’t contain it anymore…
“Please don’t stop”, I murmured into his ear..

“Please don’t…..please don’t”…….

My own release came gushing out of me like nothing I’d seen or felt before…it lasted more than just a while…and left me surrounded by dampness.
It was too gratifying…….I didn’t want it to stop. And when it finally did, I ripped the sheet off my eyes and flew into my baby’s arms.

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