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A woman’s plight, Aka…this man stole something from me.

I am coiled up in lazy thoughts, covered in distress; a deception that weakens my pride.

This man stole something from me and i let him…

I watched him through the corners of my eyes as he spoke, with no sound he took all of me and i did nothing to stop him..

Like a helpless child i lay, through the thorns that kept piercing my flesh, i just lay there as he took it all.. without putting up a fight or screams, i just lay there…

“maybe he slipped something in my drink”, i thought aloud….this man stole so much from me that it hurts…


Through the streets i grace, the flares on my dress…my hair all tied up in poise and the bickering that still daunts each time i see a man; this man stole something from me and i let him. My heart he still holds and my soul he keeps hostage…

In an instance of confusion still covered with hope, my glances are narrowed to the ground, afraid to look up and estranged from my thoughts…. still i walk.

This man stole something from me and i was sober…


Traces of marble, sweet wine that now stains my carpet, memories i have put to rest but still awakening in scent and taste..

Look at me; see the twist in my curls, the curves on my body and my soft skin that now bears patches, and old wounds.

This man stole my heart, violated my body and i did nothing…


A lesson i have learnt, a tale i still tell all covered in webs of wasted years, This man stole everything from me and i let him…

He stole everything, because i let him-

Now dawned with chapters of regret, a poetry that stains these parchments of paper- i was weak, and i let him… yet still he controls me…

A plight now covered in this skin, embalmed on this body…

for a man,

Who took everything from me, because i was afraid.

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  1. Beautiful and intriguing…still wondering what he took though

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