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You see, you people go out there and fight women for dating your men..

What you don’t know is, your men tell us they are single. They even hint about you but say you are in the past.

Your men are single, free and ready to mingle. How are we supposed to think about you yet your man is not wearing his wedding ring?

How are we supposed to know that he has a loving and caring woman back at home yet he only asked us if we would be okay with him having a child?

Your men never ask us about you. They don’t mention you are in their lives.  In fact, they might marry us without us ever finding out about you.

You see, your men are corny.  But your men are stupid.  Your men have the capability of getting away with all this promiscuity but unfortunately, they do not know how to juggle more than one relationship.

Once they are in another relationship they stop paying attention to you and that is when you start sniffing us out.

Tell your men to be smart. To continue treating you like the queen you are even when they have us and stop giving you necessary doubt.

And say no to Violence but next time you want to hit anybody, start with your man. Why are they keeping you yet they want somebody else?

Arinitwe Mats BrandyRandy has a poem called Mama Madam Main Chic, whereas a side chic she beckons to the main woman to join forces with her against the man instead of fighting her.

Maybe you people should also attend more poetry events also

And this could be vice versa but you see many women in this part of the world are still being taught to wait for a man to ask them out because roles are let’s take the first angle

And how can we fight this when day in day out women are churning out statements like “as long as he provides”…?

This shouldn’t be my message. My message shouldn’t be about normalising promiscuity in the name of provision…but at this rate, I can’t fight it alone. If you have accepted that you will get cheated on at some point and it is normal, then this is your message…

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Written by Mercy Geno Apachi (1)

Journalist, Poet, Writer, Emcee, Digital Marketer, Copywriter

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