You Are A Star!

I read one time that NASA has determined that nearly every element found on the planet has some connection to the burning core of a star, including everything that makes up life on Earth. Everything from our DNA to our rolex—it all contains pieces of collapsing stars.

I also learned that your heartbeat will change to mimic the music you are listening to, that even though our bones are made up of 31% water, they are still stronger than steel, and that the human eye can distinguish between 10 million different colours.

So, what does all of this mean?

It means that we are literally a star with some seriously awesome superpowers.

I think we need to let that sink in for a moment.

Because it means that this life, this day, this moment–as crazy and uncertain and stressful as it may seem–is still a complete miracle.

An honest to God, stardust filled miracle.

So what if we tried walking through this day remembering the fascinating creation that it is? Remembering the fascinating creations that WE are?

Make that call you keep putting off. Apologize to that person who needs to hear it. Smile at the strangers who pass by on the street. Play with your kids. Be in photos with your family. Learn something new. Compliment people online. Dance to the song you love. Eat the cake you adore. Wear the colour that makes you happy. Say sorry to your kids and mean it. Write a love letter…

But let’s remember.

Whisper the vulnerable words. Do the scary things. Chase the wild dreams.

And let’s say thank you.

For the air in our lungs and the sun on our face and the days in our life.

I know it’s not an easy time right now and I know that every moment seems to come with a new dose of uncertainty. I feel it so much too. But let’s try, just for today, to remember the miracle of it all.

The miracle that this day is.

The miracle that we are.

Let’s remember.

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Written by Patra Kigula

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