Kintu and Nambi; A War's Debt Paid in Full #21

Continued from #20; The Hell to Pay

By Faith Murket

Walumbe was besides himself. He had to come up with something to tell his father, but nothing  was coming to mind. His head hung low as he thought. How had he gotten himself into this situation? 

Kayikuzi beckoned him to get up and they sneaked into the night so as not to alert the guards and the rest of the servants. Gulu had called for Walumbe at that time of the night for a reason. An act of defiance against him was unheard of. A god helping a human? That would be a scandal, it would be a sign of weakness and every god would suddenly think that Gulu could now be challenged.

Beads of perspiration were forming above Walumbe’s mouth despite the cool night breeze. He had always sweated there and it irritated him. He wiped it off with his hand, thinking. Clearly he had to throw someone under the bus, but who?

“Don’t even think about it,” he heard Kayikuzi say, “I know you’re thinking of someone to place Father’s wrath on, brother.”

Walumbe wasn’t in the mood for Kayikuzi’s self-righteousness. Not now. Not today. Couldn’t he see they were in trouble?

They soon reached the entrance to their father’s compound and came to a stop. Walumbe felt dizzy. He wanted to throw up. And that was not even possible. He was a god. Gods don’t fall sick. But the fear of his Father’s wrath was no joke, especially when his head was on the line.

The guards were nowhere to be seen and they both found this  strange. Their father’s compound was always heavily guarded. He could protect himself of course. But the guards were a sign of his authority. They were ruthless warriors and obedient to him alone.

They entered their father’s hut and saw him seated at his throne. Alert. Waiting for them. His face was unsmiling, his jaw hard. They bowed before him as was customary. And then…silence. One brother looked to the other and Walumbe prepared to speak. 

Before a word could be attered, he felt his hands bound and something was thrown over his face. He could not see, he could not speak. And from Kayikuzi’s muffled screams he could tell the same was happening to his brother. Had Father gone mad? So this is where the guards had gone; to prepare a trap for them.

The brothers heard their father’s footsteps approach them and they stopped struggling. 

“I hope none of you have mistaken me for a fool.” He said . His voice, disturbingly calm and monotone.

“Tonight, I will have my answers as to how the human has been passing his tasks.”

To be continued next week on Wednesday


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Written by The Muchwezi

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