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#Writivism2015 Writivism Festival Writing Challenge

Writivism is an annual Literary Festival held every June in Kampala, Uganda featuring leading contemporary African writers.

Celebrating its 3rd edition this year, the 2015 edition of the festival will run from 17th June 2015 to 21st June 2015. The festival guest list boasts of authors, academics, bloggers, journalists, critics, reviewers, publishers and other stakeholders in the African literary infrastructure and is drawn from various parts of the continent and beyond.

The festival will feature book signings, panel discussions, master classes, exhibitions, music and poetry performances, school tours, book launches and readings, stage drama and the Writivism Short Story Prize Awards evening among other activities at the three festival venues, Makerere University, Maisha Gardens and the National Theatre.

To make the festival more interesting, we are running a writing challenge and the winners will win tickets with different levels of access to the festival. The tickets will be given out as follows:

The top five most popular posts will win full Festival tickets that will grant them access to all the festival events

The other five winners will win festival invites to either the Stage Play (Today Its Me, starring award-winning Motswana actor Donald Molosi) or one of the keynote addresses.

John Nagenda
John Nagenda

Jennifer Makumbi
Jennifer Makumbi

Chika Unigwe
Chika Unigwe

Some of the guests that will be giving keynote addresses.

We thought a lot about what theme to give this writing challenge and came up with some good ideas, great ideas, and even some lousy ones. Here are some of the ones what popped up… you decide which category they fall in:

  • Write about your most memorable high school adventure… be it the time you jumped the fence, your prom dance, your stand out moment in class …
  • Tell us about your passion, or what you think your passion/dream job/lifestyle is. What makes you think this is your passions, How are you working towards making this passion/dream job become your reality …
  • Seeing as this is a festival about writing, what does writing mean to you? Or reading… how does writing make your life more complete, or if it is reading you want to focus on, how do you read, what does reading mean to you What are some of the books you have read that have impacted on you greatly?

But after brainstorming and thinking up all these different ideas, one of the interns that was sitting in to witness our magnificent brains at work quipped in, ‘Who are we to restrict people on what to write about? That’s just limiting people. Where is the fun in that?’

Shocked and awed by the amount of truth and wisdom in this contribution to our meeting, we trashed all our idea slips and decided to go with that. So, yeah, to participate in this challenge, write whatever you want. You can go with some of our brilliant ideas above, or you can go off-track and do your own thing completely. Blog post, short story, opinion piece, poem, long story, love letter, rant, relationship advice, book review… do your thing.

We shall provide a few guidelines so we are able to know if you are participating in this challenge. To participate, follow these steps

Step 1:

Create an account on Muwado. This can be done by simply using one of the buttons below to create your Muwado account using your preferred account. If you are already a member, you can use the buttons to login with the social media account you used to create your account.


Step 2:

Once logged in, go to the New Post page, and start writing your heart out.  Give your post a relevant attention-grabbing title, a related featured image and add tags relevant tags to the post.

NOTE: In order for the us to know that this post is part of the competition, MAKE SURE the tag #Writivism2015 comes right before the title of your post, like we have done with this one, and is among your post tags. If this is not done, your post will NOT be considered.

Step 3

Click on the ‘Submit Post’ button after proof reading your post, correcting spelling and grammatical errors.

Step 5:

That’s all. You are now part of the challenge. You can submit as many posts as you like but only the most popular will be considered when tallying votes.

The winners will be chosen by popularity of the post as determined by how many times it is shared and commented on. The number of times the post is shared on the various social networks, as determined by the buttons below each post, and the number of comments will all count in determining the virality of your post.

Scores will be determined using these buttons.
Scores will be determined using these buttons.


This competition runs from 2 June 2015, to 12-noon Friday 16th June 2015. Any posts after that will not be considered.

If you have any questions, ask in the comments below and we’ll be glad to answer all of them


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