I Just Found Out

That I’m the chosen one,
But I’m not sure if it’s going to be fun!

I’m supposed to be their next pick,
I can’t help it, it makes me slightly sick!

They say I’m the best,
I wonder why I seem to lose all my zest!

Ironically, I feel the prick,
The thorns in my heart do tick!

I’m the chosen one, I just found out,
Hear my heart give a howl, a shout!

I’m going to be their clip and cut,
I can’t change it, no if no but!

Yes, I’m the Rose chosen for the pluck,
Battling with my worth, praying for luck!

Now I know I’m the best, I’m the best,
Sewn in death for a wreath, in peace we all Rest!


Written by Sima Mittal

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