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Writivism 2014 Short Story Panel and Prize Announcement

The Winner of the Writivism Short Story Prize will be announced after a panel discussion involving the five short listed writers and David Kaiza. The stories are

Lunatics wriiten by Bhamjee Saleeha-

Out of the Blue written by Bamjee I Saleeha

Survived by wriiten by Kelechi Njoku

Walls and Borders wriiten by Ssekandi Ronald Sseguja

Devils written by Ngasa Nzikie Wise.

Judges are;

Ellen Banda Aaku

Emmanuel Singauke

Abubakar Ibrahim

Zukiswa Wanner

Gladys Namukasa

The winner will be chosen by the judges, the first runner up by peer vote and the second runner up by the public.  One can vote for their best story by simply accessing the Writivism blog and commenting on their best story!

Performances will be from Uganda National Contemporary Ballet.

You can win an invite by simply tweeting about this! See you there!


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