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Will and Monifa Sims, the Worlds Most Awesome Couple rocks Leno Skit.

I am a Ugandan and our television culture is really lousy so every once in a while I like to go on YouTube and see how the Americans are doing it, because, well, they are the Americans. TV is a big deal there unlike over here where the only thing that arouses any kind of excitement is Agataliiko Nfuufu and Agnes Nandutu’s shrieking.

So on one of my recent voyages into the YouTube universe,  I landed onto this adorable couple. Forget all you know about cute couples because these two have set new standards. Standards forecasters predict will only be exceeded when I finally get married and me and my unbelievably hot wife make everyone else seem like are still five year olds playing Mummy and Daddy.

Ok, let me give you a bit of background; Pumpcast News is a segment of  the Jay Leno‘s Tonight Show were Tim Stack (of Parker Lewis Can’t Lose fame: Don’t know what this is but it must be another cool American TV thing!) plays a fictional news anchor for a fictional news station called Pumpcast News which only airs on gas station pumps. Stack tries to freak out drivers candid-camera-style by speaking directly to them while they pump gas.

So last week, the victims of the PumpCast news were adorable couple Will and Monifa Sims who rocked the hell out of that skit. And when I say rocked, I am not just using the word fwaa. They sang like they were being payed, snapped some fingers and generally had a mini party going on at the gas station.

They were so good they got invited to the to studio so they could unleash some more awesomeness and general badidity. Tunulila filimu!

I am officially in love with this couple and these are going to be my feel good videos for the foreseeable future. Will and Monifa, I figure you are going to become very famous soon, which I believe will contribute significantly to the realization of world peace, but even if you don’t, keep on rocking!

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