Who do you love?

Who do you love?


You tell me I am the best

That I live in you

You praise everything that constitutes me

You run to me whenever you feel lonely

I embrace all these coz it’s you that I need

But the next minute, you say;

I hurt you whole

I got to be bold coz I am old

I can’t put you on a hold

For a call

It startles me when my hope is frozen

For something worth a dozen

Your friends say you got the right apple

But you take me as the left nipple

It sucks, you know

How your friends praise me

About how my parents raised me

Yet you praise your friend’s friends

Who do you love?

You told me I was the only one

The only person to walk into your life

That you found me that moment

You popped your eyes open

That you learnt love from me

That you breathe me

But the next minute, you say;

I wasted your time

I was forcing myself into you

I was killing all your dreams

We were never meant to be

I wasn’t smart enough for you

Who do you love?

Now I roll down on my bed

You still on my head

My love yet undead

You stole something from me

You stole my Heart and soul

Leaving behind a hole

Without a pole

I just keep the body

You stole it the moment

I was most vulnerable

The moment that cuts the deepest

It was the cheapest action you took

It’s something I can’t reverse

I just request

Give me back my stolen parts

I need to love and beloved

Get me out of this situation

I can’t contain it any longer

Use whatever means you can

I will pay the fare

Just don’t leave it bare

It wouldn’t be fair

Whether by air

Who do you love?

You praise me lately

After you heard I got a job

People hear you sob

It’s something mob

You text me that

you were bewitched

I don’t think you were twitched

You told me that you wanted

All your life back but something couldn’t add up

You say a pastor prayed for you

And the demon is now gone

You want me back

Who do you love?

I’m asking why now?

After all that long!

And you expect to win me back!

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Written by Joshua .O. Obura (0)

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