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HOPE IS A CURE #Stories4Health

Whatever they said and so did, it was never a thing to be ashamed of unless you chose to join them. The choices of words offend but they deliver the content fairly like the speaker would wish. I told you, so many people say this though those that say so I did are rarely counted. Singularizing of a problem is the uptake and choice to try and make the simulation of a better imitation of the original.

I stand corrected to say that we are the perfect beings and imperfection is what we gather and taint ourselves with to not deserve what we ought to get. We are never same but we are same in all cases as we have the same race to impress and express. We have lacked to say that mental illness is an epidemic waiting to blast the heads of living humans never to save the race ever again. We are selfish to think that psychiatric health is part of the normal routinely checks similar to malaria or cough but we have chosen to look down and shame anyone with psychiatric conditions.

We could be the walking death in heads with thoughts racing amid the cars on the highway. We are depressed though none is saying that this awaiting blast is almost taking lives of brothers, sisters; mothers or fathers deemed to be pillars to some other life. He never speaks to us, he is withdrawn, he is not behaving normal but now he has no one to tell what his thoughts are but rather he has chosen to let them roam like beasts crossing the Mara not knowing the danger of crocodiles that await to break then and make them a meal of their day.

Later in days, now we are experiencing suicidal characters within our communities; he was so well, we were together, he had so much fun; on and on as they always would say as the death lie never to breathe again. The poisons and drugs are being abused or others hanging themselves on trees or roofs defeated by life’s challenges not to be bold for any next decision rather than just taking their lives. Not that the diversity and variety was too wide but the hope flew away and their souls left as shells with nothing to look up to.

Major mental illnesses include; depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder also known as manic-depressive illness. These illnesses are discoverable and curable; this is the shining hope though many people live in denial.



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