What's the meaning of your son's given name?

As you know in our ATS when a person gives birth to a child, it’s the grandparents that take the sole responsibility of giving a name, the surname but as a mother, have you ever taken time to think about the name they gave your boy?

As most of you know, a name has power over its carrier. You’re what they call you. So what do they call your son? I have heard of people who have changed the names of their children just to make sure they’re called the right way.

As a mother, do know that you possess a very strong power in changing the calling on your son by naming him what you want to see in him. A name is a prophecy and this doesn’t have anything to do with faith or religion. It’s just that. Don’t just look on when your boy is given some funny names or is named after some person who died a long time ago whose behaviours you don’t know about.

Take issues in your own hands and give your boy a prophetic name. A name that you can defend. A name that you can be proud to call him. A name that can follow him and set him apart from the crowd. Prophecy on your son’s life by giving him a new name.

To understand this, let me tell you a story about my Mom (RIP).

I used to be a notorious boy while growing up and I was a pure headache to my mom. She disciplined me, spoke to me naye nebigaana. Prayerful as she was, she failed to get to terms with my clan name. So before she died, she decided to scrap off my given names which didn’t make meaning to her and named me Kuteesa. She got it from the scripture which says “oKuteesa kwa Mukama” literally translated as “the plan(s) of the Lord”.

So each time people came to visit her while on her deathbed and asked about my way about, she could literally answer, “oyo mwana kuteesa kwa Mukama” the plan of the Lord will meet with him and will bring him back and will use him.” Many years down the road, I am the plan of the Lord. When I speak, I speak good things. When I look, I look great things. I am oKuteesa kwa Mukama. I am not a mistake!!

Now imagine calling your son Kizibu !! How do u expect a person like that to have a happy life? What prophecy are you giving?

Woman, don’t just settle for names you can’t explain over your son. You don’t have to wrestle the clan leaders, just dilute such a name by giving a befitting name. There are lots of names that speak greatness.

My friends from the West have this covered well. I see boys called Tugume (let’s be strong), Ahabwe (to be given), Tumusiime (Let’s appreciate Him), Turinawe (We’re with you). There other names too that work on both genders like Mukisa, Muwanguzi. Come up with a name that fits what you want to see in your son.

What’s the meaning of your son’s given name?

Good morning parents of boys.

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