What's the correct way to eat Luwombo?

It’s a polite Monday afternoon and I’m having lunch in one of the more popular restaurants in Kampala – the kind where young and fairly accomplished corporates gather for expensive buffet, and co-curricular activities like office flirtation and gossiping about Mercy from finance, Goretti from TMT and Peter from Procurement.

Anyway, I’m third or fourth in line, and my sights are set on the Luwombo section. Most people are into the other little things but I have my sights on the Chicken luwombo area. This is what has brought me from halfway across town to this much-touted restaurant – the chicken luwombo.

Most young and well-dressed corporates are usually looking for a simple meal at lunchtime – the kind that doesn’t require you to lose your tie and/or morals. Lucky for me, on this cold Monday afternoon, I have neither morals nor a tie. So I am ready to get down with this luwombo!

I gently pick the heaviest luwombo dish and head off to the corner of the room – where I can not be disturbed. As all this is happening, I notice, from the corner of my eye, a table of four smartly dressed ladies, giggling as they look in my direction – probably taken aback by my savage approach to the whole luwombo situation.

I soon gather that no matter the kind of meal, as long as you’re in an expensive restaurant where they have huge knives and forks, clean table cloths & expensive chandelier, you must use a knife, fork & spoon whenever you’re eating.

Not today, guys. Not me. Not with this Luwombo. NOT TODAY!

It is likely my hunger blinded me into becoming a savage animal but in my heart of hearts, I know that Luwombo must never be forked or spooned. Luwombo must always be fingered!

So if you were one of the ladies giggling at me at a certain restaurant on the other side of town, I am here to tell you that when I’m eating, I usually lose all my morals and decency. I dig in like an animal.

Oh by the way, there are other things I also indulge in like an animal – but that’s a story for another time!

Happy Monday My People. Today’s lesson is really simple – Eat Your Life The Best Way You Know How!

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