What kind of man wears Toomy shoes?

They say you can tell what kind of man you are dealing with by the shoes he wears. So, what kind of man wears Toomy’s, you might be wondering. I’ll tell you.

The man that puts on Toomy’s doesn’t care about trends, he makes the trends…even though he might fail at this mission most of the time. A try and fail but do not fail to try kind of guy!

He is a man that has no fucks to give about public opinion. His decision to put on Toomy’s is a gigantic middle finger to the public opinion crowd. Let’s see if your snobbishness will deter him as he matches on forward to fulfill his destiny. Badidity just!

He is a man that knows what’s in season though, but he has limitations. So he chooses to go with the next best thing. Because sometimes a shoe is just that, a shoe, na’mean? A deep and sensible guy this one!

He is a patient man and knows he’ll buy the ‘top’ brands when he is able and ready. He knows this doesn’t make him cheap, it just goes to show he knows how to live within his means. We have a financially prudent ninja here people!

A man that puts on Toomy’s is aware of the world economics and strategic about how he distributes his alliances. He recognizes that the Chinese are taking over mpola mpola and buys their products so they know he is supportive of their rise. Diplomatic sharpness just!

A man who puts on Toomy’s plans for the long term but lives for now…like the Pepsi adverts preach. No need to over attach himself to worldly possessions because they will be left behind. Such Bible awareness yo!

This guy also recognizes that Toomy’s have to be bought by someone. Their more famous colleagues Tommy’s might be more popular, but Toomy’s deserve to be worn as well. If you were looking for a defender of equal rights, you have one in a Toomy’s man!

So, what man puts on Toomy’s, you ask? The man who puts on Toomys is his own man.

Toomy, be your own man!


Written by Rolex (6)

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