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What does your personal devil look like?

In my dreams last night, I had a girl in my room and we were fooling around on the bed, high as kites on various substances. The clothes started flying off and soon we were naked and ready for action.

But before I could part the sea with my staff to enter the promised land, I pressed pause and went to the bathroom to pee so it wouldn’t interrupt the action later. As I peed, I looked at my naked self in the mirror to my left above the sink and I saw my devil standing to my right. I say my devil because he looked kinda like me, but a much better version. I whipped my head to the right but there was nothing there apart from the shower. I looked back into the mirror and there he was again checking me out with a smirk on his face.

He was naked just like me and had the six-pack that’s eluded me for years, no sign of baldness and instead a full head of locks like I’ve always wanted to have. Even his long beard wasn’t of the kaweke variety like mine and was fashioned into locks too.

His member was also some inches longer than mine and looked like it’d been sculptured by dwarfs that worked on Thor’s hammer. I won’t talk about the rest of his body lest it comes off like I was crushing on him. TBH, I kinda was. I mean, this was the me of my dreams.

He looked me up and down gave a kamanyiro chuckle which sent shivers down my spine, made me weak in the legs and my member shrink till it almost disappeared. He then walked out of my mirror view so I leaned forward and managed to get a glimpse of him as he walked out of the bathroom into the bedroom. I finished peeing quickly, took a moment to calm myself and then headed back into the room to sink myself in sweetness and forget this weirdness. As I entered, I saw the girl touching herself and moaning. This would have been OK if I wasn’t now seeing my devil thrusting into her with such tender yet firm skilfulness. What the fvck!

She noticed me standing there looking like I’d seen a ghost, which I kind of was seeing, and then said, don’t mind me, I decided to start without you. My devil, who I realized she couldn’t see, looked at me and gave me a wink.

Moral of the story, drugs are bad!!

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Written by Byagaba Roland (4)

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