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Dear Uganda MP’s, RE: Mobile Money and Social Media Tax

Dear Uganda MP’s

I think it was Salim Saleh who said that for many of you, the biggest business transaction you ever did before joining parliament was selling a cow so how then can you competently debate issues of selling a bank? It was funny then, but now with the mobile money and internet tax, the lack of strategic thinking and foresight makes me think he had a point.

Mobile Money is not just a MONEY TRANSFER SERVICE and the Social Media is not a place where youth waste time.

The future of the world is digital channels and digital money and the future of trade and business is mobile with transactions happening instantly and globally without the need for cash. As a country, we should be strategic in not only participating but leading in this new economy.

Dear MP’s. Digital payments and finance have the potential of bringing our large informal and rural population into formal finance and trade. When that happens, you will have a larger more efficient taxable base.

The debate we should be having is how best to make this happen.

If you mess this up as well, our children will have bigger problems than we do. Poorer, more isolated from global business opportunities and dependent on Aid.

Dear MP’s. We need strategic, long-term thinking NOT things like tax mobile money NOW. We need the revenue NOW. It’s like your making shit up as you go. At this rate next year, you will be like – Oh Many trees, let’s tax them.

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