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A Week Through Kampala’s Favourite Restaurants

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda, the “Pearl of Africa.” Uganda has many delicious cuisines many of which represent the tribes and cultures served across the country.

Kampala being the capital city and central business hub of the country, has a vast array of restaurants that boost of delicious food with cuisines from all the major cultures of the world.

Take a week and visit are a few of these favourite restaurants around Kampala.

Bon Appetite

There are many local food eateries around Kampala that cater to the needs of many Ugandans and have stood the test of time but Bon Appetit’s still stands out. The restaurant which has been in business for decades still boosts of big crowds during rush- hour; lunch and breakfast. Their katogo is one of the most ordered on Jumia food. The local food menu is available throughout the day just to keep your tummy happy and healthy.

Cafe Javas

Recently adding an eighth installation of restaurant branches to its portfolio, Cafe Javas holds the top spot for being one of the most frequented eateries in town. The restaurant chain started out as an extension to City Oil petrol stations and has grown into a formidable brand name in the country. Javas serves a variety of cuisines ranging from Indian, European to Ugandan. Drop in for their “big breakfast” combos. All their restaurants adhere to Halal standards set by the Uganda Muslim Council.

Legends Bar Kampala

Before it was Legends, the bar and restaurant had the rugby crowds thundering loud on the weekends whenever there was a game. Now, Legends thunders with rugby, pulsates with music and serves sumptuous buffets at lunch time. The buffet menu served is local food that changes everyday of the week so as to give your palate a tour of Ugandan dishes. And then when you are done partying through the night, you can try the delicious roasted meats from the grill.

Chok Di Thai

A little taste of Thailand in Uganda on a cold evening after a long day at work is all you need. Located alongside Moyo close in Kampala, Chok Di Thai opened for business in 2014 and has been serving up delicious Thai cuisines since then. Try the curry or stir fries they might keep you going back.

Nanjing Restaurant

Chinese cuisines vary in tastes and style of cooking and Nanjing has done well in showcasing what he Republic offers. Nanjing has two branches all easily to access in the Kololo neighbourhood with a view to behold as you dine.


These are several hidden restaurants around Kampala serving some of the best local food dishes at the cheapest prices. Bufundas is plural for kafunda which can be loosely translated to meaning a makeshift restaurant. They are usually located downtown, construction sites or washing lots around Kampala. Servings in bufundas are sufficient enough to keep you coming back, that is why most people leave their offices at lunch for those sumptuous meals.

Mythos Greek Taverna

A unique and quite rare dining experience is what Mythos as it’s commonly known offers you delicious greek food and tailored cocktails from the in-house mixologist. Mythos has been in business since 2014, the thoughtfulness that went in the interior design makes you appreciate the beauty of greek architecture in the restaurant. Their best moments are during the dinner rush and lest we forget, sundays with the sumptuous Congolese buffet.

Khana Khazana

Indian food is world reknown to be full of delicious flavours and you will find it all at Khana Khazana located alongside Acacia Avenue. When at Khana Khazana make sure to ask for their signature dish; Khazana chicken curry with naan/bread/ rice.

Yujo Sushi Bar and Izakaya

Sushi is not just a trend, sushi is part of the traditions and culture of the Japanese people. Yujo Izakaya has a sushi bar where the chef prepares for you delicious sushi bites as you sip on Sake (rice wine). And if Sushi is not your cup of tea, the hot kitchen will entice you with flavours that will take you to the hills and valleys of Japan. Yujo Izakaya is a traditional Japanese restaurant and tavern.

Holy Crepe

How about breakfast with a view of  Kololo and Naguru? Holy Crepe is a creperie that serves you delicious waffles, fried chicken and crepes. The breeze in Kololo will calm your spirits, as you sip on fresh juice made from fruits grown in Uganda as you wait for your meal.



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