‘Men are Trash’ and Why We Need to Get Our Shit Together

Sexist Post Alert!


Gentlemen, as men in the 21st Century, we really need to get our shit together. The rate at which men are working hard to fulfill the worthless ‘men are trash’ saying is simply alarming.

One moment a full grown man is defiling an innocent little child, the next moment a mature man is battering his wife, and after that, a wealthy fella is sexually harassing his employee(s). Ani yatuloga?

I think we need to wake up and have this conversation amongst ourselves as men. Forget the women, they are already struggling with bloody monthly Periods, scarcity of orgasms and exclusion from politics and economics. We need to start teaching ourselves (especially our sons and nephews) that saying or doing anything disrespectful to a woman is an abomination. It is unacceptable, disgraceful and intolerable.

When a man rapes, defiles or batters a female, the question should not be what did the female do wrong? The question should be – what punishment should be levied on that son of a gun? Or to be more exact, which body part of that fella should be cut off?

There should be no room for apologists and men who make the rest of us seem like worthless insensitive creatures yet it is just a handful of brainless penis carrying humans passing off as men. How does an infant get defiled and your first question is – where was the mother? What sort of porridge do you have in that your head? Are you mad? Let’s find the man, warm his gonads with melted plastic and strip him of his man card. Period!

Being a man gives you power. It gives you royalty. And it gives you Pride. But it also demands that you use this power, royalty and pride wisely, responsibly and above all, sensibly.

Imagine all the endless sweaty mind-blowing sex we would get from the feminists if they learnt that men are no longer trash. Lwaki tulwa kumuwula nga supu ali eri awola?

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