This is a concern to all Ugandans. Last night I watched the 9pm news on NTV and Sheila Nduhukire was proving a point on how we are not security conscious. Both security personnel at different institutions and installations and the civilians.

She walked into MUK main gate and no one even paid attention to her yet she was trying to be as suspicious as possible. She was carrying a bag that she used  as a security threat prop. She moved to some of the main installations in MUK leaving this bag lying around in areas where people were gathered and no one if noticed or bothered about it. At one point some guy even jumped over it walking away without minding what so ever.

She did this in several other places including a shopping mall and the reaction was similar. Funny thing is the security guard at this mall even picked the bag and started waving it around as if asking “whose bag?” hahaha….really? How about u alert security  first and then establish what could be in the bag before you get comfy with it…..huh?

I recently read in the newspapers that Alshabab is threatening to hit Uganda again.  And the high court found 8 of the 11th  july 2010 suspects guilty of murder,attempted murder and terrorism among others. So do not be surprised if these crooks decide to hit us now in revenge or to prove a point.

Security is every one’s responsibility. And each and every one must and should make it a priority.

Be aware of your surroundings, do not take anything or anyone for granted. Always report or alert security in case of anything suspicious. Each of us is our neighbor’s keeper because you can’t live in this world without one another. So this is an outcry to all Ugandans to be super security conscious and alert at all times.

I would like to applaud NTV and Sheila Nduhukire for the work well done. And keep it up.



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