We brought nothing into the world and can certainly take nothing out…

So here we are on this planet called earth with all it’s splendour and mysterious cycle of life and death.The living creatures,vast natural resources,stunning beauty and all who inhabit our world has been given to us humans to replenish and sustain it.

Back in my preteen years in the seventies I was constantly intrigued as to why there was such a gulf between the European nations and third world countries.Growing up in apartheid South Africa I almost thought that white domination would never cease.In every aspect of our lives we were indiscriminately governed with harsh segregation laws.My black fellow citizens were denied voting rights and suffered immensly.They were aliens in their own land of birth. As for me being Indian,the descendants of indentured labour from India, we were slightly given more rights but still were under severe suppression.

White imperialism and supremacy enabled the oppressor to have the cream of the crop in our beloved land and also throughout Africa.I still can see the images of malnourished almost, dying children on the pages of overseas magazines that I browsed through in our public libraries.The poverty and injustices were beginning to become clear to me as I grew into adulthood.

Before the end of the two thousands it was heartening to see almost all of Africa liberated from colonial rule.Sadly economic and cultural freedom is still mired by the tentacles of capitalism and European domination.Some say we now have to deal with a new form of expansionism and imperialism from China.It seems Africa will always be ripe for the picking.

I suppose every country and nation has it’s own unique tale of woe and sorrow.The burning question for me is why should man mete out such inhumanity to a fellow being.Afterall the so called rich and powerful brought nothing into this world and they can cetainly take nothing out of it.Looking at this more deeply,one has to agree that the vast resources of our planet does not belong to any man,it belongs to our Creator! I am a firm believer that the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.

Every country and nation has been endowed with rich natural mineral resources.God intended for us to complement each other to live in peace and harmony.It astounds me when I read of the wealth and possessions of the rich and powerful.The growing wealth gap just widens in a never ending upward trend.

What it boils down to is simply GREED,GREED and more GREED!Shame on you O fellow brother and sister!

How can someone have such an insatiable unhealthy desire for so much money and wealth?It is inconceivable that the wealthy can ever spend all of their filthy lucre in this lifetime.I must admit that many rich and powerful do a great amount of philantrophy.However my concern is that the worker or the peasant labourer is not sharing in the wealth that was created for their masters!

Surely the success of entrepreneurs is very much due to the blood ,sweat and tears of the labourer!All over the world wages are at downright minimums.There is a passage in the bible that says the wages of the poor cry out while the gold and silver of the rich are rotting and cankered.

O Rich man when will your eyes be opened to the cry of the weak and poor.Please realise O rich man that you do not own the resources,they were given to you to be a good steward.Why do you constantly build bigger barns to store your grain and not share it willingly?You fool,you want to take it easy and live life for many years while the hungry knock on your door,as you revel in your delusion.

Be not deceived you who are not kind to the homeless and destitute for tonight your life will be required of you!

Naked we came into this world and naked shall we return.Oh how I pray that mankind face the brevity of life and start to share the bread of kindness,afterall it is the manna from above and not ours to store up!

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